Manufacturing Capabilities


Fabrication Capabilities
Clean Room Assembly (class 10,000)
Class 100 Laminar Flow Booth


Typical device fabrication
Implantable electrode leads (epimysial, intramuscular, recording, stimulating, neural cuff, multi channel, adapters from one type of lead to another, etc.)
Active implantable devices (neuromodulation devices, implanted coils, neurostimulators, neuro recording devices, headers, hermetic assemblies, etc)
Implant accessories (butterflies, adapters, insulators, caps, seals, etc.)
Extra corporeal devices (external control units, external coils, external electronic devices, device controllers, surgical instrumentation, surgical tools, etc.)


Electrode Assembly
Coil winding
Resistance spot welding
Laser welding
Silicone molding
Epoxy molding
Urethane molding
Adhesive assembly


Molding and Potting
Injection molding of thermoplastics
Transfer molding of silicones
Compression molding of some sheet molding compounds
Open Pour potting of epoxies and urethane
Injection potting of epoxies and urethanes
Inert atmosphere processing of potting compounds


Active implant assembly
Laser welding
Feedthrough preparation
Helium leak check of hermeticity
Resistance welding
Electronic testing
Header component assembly
Header potting
Device encapsulation
Adhesive assembly (silicone, urethane, epoxy, acrylic, etc.)
Device coating w/silicone
Electronics installation and testing
Coil fabrication


CNC mill (up to 4 axis)
CNC lathe
Sheet metal (light gauge, small, box and pan fabrication)
Assembly and welding (light gauge resistance or laser)
Heat treating


Electronics Assembly
SMT, through hole, mixed technology assembly
SMT Reflow processing
Box build (assembly of electronics into enclosure)
Rework/repair of electronic devices
Electronics testing
Safety testing
Assembly of accessory devices, coils, wires, cables
Prototype to short run capability


Fiberoptic fabrication
Prototype and short run fabrication
Packaging services
Sterilization coordination of validation
Turnkey or partial fabrication services
Mechanical and electrical testing of finished device
Tensile testing
Flexural testing