Engineering Services

We offer electronic and mechanical design and development services for your medical device project. Our innovative and experienced design group will work with you to ensure that your project will be engineered for reliability, value, and manufacturability and will meet specified regulatory requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application and how we may be of assistance.

Ardiem Medical is currently the prime contractor on a research program to assist amputees to more naturally and intuitively control a very sophisticated artifical limb. Ardiem is partnered with Case Western Reserve University, the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and the US Army. The implanted system will allow the amputee to have sensory feedback from his or her limb.

Please contact us for assistance with your research or development project.  We can provide expertise in many areas, and Ardiem Medical is always ready to partner with education institutions, corporations, or private entities to jointly seek funding to perform advanced research.


Research and Development Capabilities
Electronics Design and Development
Mechanical Design and Development
Medical Device Design and Development
Process Development (Manufacturing) Engineering
Limited Software Development
Design software AutoCAD, OrCAD, and Solidworks 2011.


Typical device R&D
Electrode leads, catheters, accessories for leads, mold design, headers/interfaces, hermetic enclosures, electronics design and testing, mechanical design and testing, system integration, process development.