Epimysial Stimulating and Recording

Epimysial Myoelectric Signal Recording Electrode (EPI-MES)

Distal Termination – Dual disk, bipolar electrode encapsulated in polyester reinforced silicone suture apron


Electrode material
Platinum alloy


Number of electrodes


Exposed contact area per electrode
3.68 mm (0.125”) diameter (10.64 mm2)


Spacing between contacts
10.0 mm (0.3937”) center of distal disk to center of proximal disk


Lead wires
Fluoropolymer insulated 316 SS lead wires, coiled and tubed in silicone


Lead OD
0.050″ (1.27 mm) OD of silicone tubing


Lead Length
Standard – 30 cm (12″)
Special 4 – 90 cm (1.5 – 35″)


Proximal termination options
Flying leads (Unterminated bare wires)
Letechipia connector (Specialized connector)
IS-1 Bipolar (One IS-1 Bipolar)
IS-1 Unipolar (Two IS-1 Unipolar)
Special (Per customer request)

Dimensional illustration of Epimysial MES electrode

Dimensional illustration of Epimysial MES electrode