Neural Cuff

Cuff Electrode

Standard Spiral Nerve Cuff Electrode with four electrodes arrayed radially around the cuff diameter (4 mm diameter electrode shown)


Distal Termination – Spiral Nerve Cuff


Inside diameter of cuff
Standard 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 mm
Special – a custom diameter of 1.0 mm is available


Electrode material


Number of electrodes

  • Standard
    - 1, 2, 3, or 4 four electrodes radially arrayed around the inside diameter of the cuff
  • Special
    - Up to six individual circuits arrayed radially or axially along the cuff longitudinal   axis
    - Multiple electrodes surfaces may be daisy chained together into a single circuit
    - Radial band electrodes up to six individual circuits
    - Please contact us with your special electrode configuration requirements

Exposed contact area per electrode
0.75 mm (0.030″) diameter (0.45 mm2)
Special – larger or smaller exposed area can be specified up to limit of embedded electrode.

Lead wires

Fluoropolymer insulated 316 SS lead wires, coiled and tubed in silicone
Special – Many materials may be used, please contact us with your requirements


Lead OD
0.050″ (1.27 mm) OD of silicone tubing

Lead Length
Typical – 30 cm (12″)
Special 4 – 90 cm (1.5 – 35″)


Proximal termination options
Flying leads (Unterminated bare wires)
Letechipia (pin and spring) (Four specialized contacts in a molded branched configuration)
IS-1 Unipolar (One IS-1 UNI per contact)
IS-1 Bipolar (Typically one IS-1 BP connector per two circuits)
Special (Per customer request)

Axial Arrayed Electrode

Example of axial arrayed electrodes in 1 mm cuff

The spiral nerve cuff electrode lead design is licensed from Case Western Reserve University and is restricted to use for animal and bench research purposes. Please contact us if you have an application that falls outside of this restriction for additional information.